Top Caliber & College Recruitment

Top Caliber Lacrosse is dedicated to providing advice and assistance to our players interested in continuing their playing careers in college.

Unsure of where to start? We’re here to help you!

Contact us to schedule a time to meet with our club directors to discuss your pathway.

While some organizations invite families to a large virtual meeting to repeat information easily available on websites, our leadership provides one-on-one attention to Top Caliber players. We meet with families to develop strategic recruiting plans to enhance a player’s ability to find the best collegiate academic and playing opportunities.

Our coaches are uniquely positioned to advocate for you!

We know the decision to play in college is a consequential for players and their families.

We are on your team helping YOU make the right decisions for YOU along the way.

Consistent success for our players

The first true Graduation Year for Top Caliber Lacrosse was 2018, our first team ever, who started playing with us in 2014 as 8th Graders! All other age groups after the class of 2018 started with us even younger!

Playing in college is an honor no matter what the level.

We are proud to have been a part of these players’ journey to reach that goal and look forward to helping future generations.

  • Class of 2025 - 1 Player Committed (as of 2/5/2024
  • Class of 2024 - 14 Players Committed (as of 2/5/2024)
  • Class of 2023 - 19 Players Committed
  • Class of 2022 - 13 Players Committed
  • Class of 2021 - 11 Players Committed
  • Class of 2020 - 24 Players Committed
  • Class of 2019 - 17 Players Committed
  • Class of 2018 - 24 Players Committed

Since 2015, 141 Top Caliber players have continued their playing careers in college.

Click on a class year below to see where our Top Caliber players have gone on to play and where our current high school players are committed to play in college!

Will YOU be next!?

IMLCA + Sports Recruits

Top Caliber Lacrosse partners with IMLCA Recruits to provide players with tools and resources to match them with hundreds of college coaches.


IMLCARecruits is home base for over 750 IMLCA men's lacrosse coaches. With a student-athlete profile and video on IMLCARecruits, recruiting can happen anytime, any place.

IMLCARecruits was built to streamline your recruiting efforts, maximize your exposure, give you insight into where you stand, and help you find your best fit academically and athletically.

How to get started

Contact us for discounted platform rates!

IMLCA Instructions

Follow the steps below to utilize IMLCA Recruits to begin your college search and recruiting process. By following these directions, you will allow Top Caliber Lacrosse directors and coaches to easily and continually assist in your process. 

  1. Create your free profile on
  2. Add as much detail to your profile as you can. This will give coaches a good picture of who you are in their initial screening process. Please keep your transcripts as up to date as possible!
  3. Choose a great photo. Choose an action shot that displays your athleticism.
  4. Upload highlight videos. A profile without a highlight video is not useful to college coaches. They use the video as their initial screening tool to know if they are going to continue evaluating you as a player. Need help with videos? Visit our Player Resource Page or talk with the recruiting team.
  5. Enter your tournament schedules.
  6. Make a list of schools you are interested in attending. First, write down all the schools you are interested in off the top of your head. Then, add as many schools as you need to get to at least 30 schools. This provides a player with enough schools to research beyond familiarity. The process begins to help players determine why they want to pick certain schools over other schools. Use the IMLCA College Match tool to help you find additional schools. IMLCA Recruits is an outstanding tool to use to research schools! Be open to any schools from D1, D2, D3 & MCLA. 
  7. Meet with our Top Caliber Lacrosse Recruitment Team to review the list. Top Caliber’s knowledgeable team will provide honest feedback on your list based on academics and lacrosse. We can indicate whether schools are a “reach”, a “target”, or “probable.”
  8. The Top Caliber Lacrosse Recruitment Team will then provide advice on how to send initial contact messages to your identified schools.
  9. It is important to maintain your profile with any academic or athletic updates. The Top Caliber Recruitment Team will also be communicating with college coaches utilizing your profile. Just like on the field when we work to always become better, working on your profile consistently can improve your opportunities.

College Coach Address Book

As a Top Caliber member, you have access to the Top Caliber Lacrosse College Coach Address Book. This is a list of college resources and contacts our staff compiles each year to help players get in front of coaches. Contact us today for the list and how best to utilize!

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