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Top Caliber Lacrosse

The energetic, knowledgeable, and friendly coaching staff coupled with a positive style of teaching are why we chose Top Caliber.

Caulley Derringer

The Top Caliber coaches really worked with my son and helped him to significantly improve his level of play. They were willing to let him try different positions and helped him find what worked best with his skills. Even though he wasn't a top player, he was given individual attention and plenty of opportunities to grow and improve. Top Caliber was exactly what he needed to grow beyond rec league lacrosse and prepare for high school.

Kathleen Moyer

Top Caliber has provided my son with a local travel team, coached by the best High School, and collegiate players in NOVA. Over the last 11 years, my son has had the opportunity to play on 5 different travel teams, and TC remains as the program where he feels he has learned the most, while having a blast playing the game. The coaches have taught him various techniques and skills that helped him to not only make visible at the high school level, but at the collegiate levels as well. This is why my family knows that TC Lacrosse is the best youth travel program in Northern Virginia.

Tom Perry

Top Caliber has given me a great community to get better at lacrosse. I have a lot of fun with my teammates at practices, tournaments, and the other activities we do together.

Noah Smith - 2028 team player since 2019

Top Caliber provides a healthy balance of training and competition for their young athletes. Our Top Caliber coaches go above and beyond with their dedication to the boys and the sport of lacrosse.

Amy Bruce

We have been extremely happy with TC. The boys have made lifelong friendships and are becoming a nice little unit. The coaching staff is experienced and are invested in the success of the teams.

Chrystal Hart

The Top Caliber coaches have been outstanding working with our sons. The training, skills, and knowledge that our boys receive from the staff is well worth the investment. I could not ask for a better program to be involved in with our family, thank you coaches.

Larry Hourcle

I have been extremely impressed with the quality and commitment of the coaching staff. The level of instruction and positive attitude has exceeded my expectations.

Jason Smith

The coaches at Top Caliber truly are top caliber, and our family's experience with the club has been outstanding. Several of the coaches have worked one-on-one with our boys, and they have benefited tremendously as a result. Top Cal's coaching is always positive and instructional in nature.

Adam Tabaka

We love Top Caliber and feel that our team is like family. Coach Keel has been great to work with and I think my son has improved his skills quite a bit. We will stay with Top Caliber very likely throughout his lacrosse career.

Debbie Walsh

We’ve been a part of the program from the beginning and are blessed to have Frank and other coaches that actually care about the development and mindset of the boys. Fun to watch what you all have done with the program through the years.

Jennifer Koberg

Top Caliber has been great for my son. He has built fundamentals and been challenged to reach his full potential. The boys have grown individually and as a team, while learning to love the sport from coaches who have their best interests at heart. Thanks for a great experience!

Anne Marie Brandow

The Top Caliber coaching staff has been instrumental in my son's overall mental and physical growth both on and off the field. The opportunities provided by TC have been well worth the time and monetary commitment. It has been a great experience! 

Amy Coffin

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